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All the truth about Sven Gustafsson from Haninge Kommun

Volha Klaskouskaya
Belarusian journalist,
mother of Adem Bezgin,
victim of arbitrariness of the social service of Haninge Kommun
Sven Gustafsson, Haninge Kommun
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Södertörns tingsrätt
European Court of Human Rights
Barnombudsman Fredrik Malmberg
UN Committee of the Rights of the Child
The UN Committee of Human Rights
Prime-minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, leader of The Moderate Party
Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask
Minister for EU affairs Birgitta Ohlsson
Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt
Minister for Children and the Elderly Maria Larsson
Minister for Social Security Ulf Kristersson
Jan Björklund, the Liberal Party
Göran Hägglund, the The Christian Democrats party
Mona Sahlin, the Social Democratic Party
Maud Olofsson, the Center Party
Jimmie Åkesson, the Sweden Democrats
European Parliament
Ministry of International Affairs of the Rebublic of Belarus
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
On February 5, 2013 you, Sven Gustafsson took a decision to take away from me my seven-month-old son Adem Bezgin (personal nr 120702-2094). The decision was based on the false accusation made by my husband Gökay Bezgin and also (according to your papers) on "poor living conditions" into which YOU personally, Sven Gustafsson, and Haninge Kommun forced me and my kids. You have never met me in person, have not conducted any social investigations regarding me and kids, never have done any examinations regarding me, you even never call me. I have NEVER heard any accusations from the social service that would claim that I neglect my parental responsibilities, abuse drugs or alcohol. Despite this, your colleague Marie Samuelsson and the police on February 5th unlawfully, by force tookaway my son and brought him to an unknown place. Since February 5 up to the present moment I saw my son only once, in the Kommun, under the supervision of your staff. You have deprived me of motherhood, stole my kid's childhood, you violated my mother rights and the rights of my 2 children. Adem can't be with me and even see me. And my daughter Mira haven’t seen him since February 5th.

By such actions you caused an irreparable psychological damage to me, Adem and Mira. Moreover, you and your staff openly continue to mock at me and my children. As a result of apublic campaign of protest, you, Sven Gustafsson, on February 20, 2013 again took a personal decision that said, Social Service withdrew its claim! You openly acknowledged that you illegally kidnapped my son on the basis of a false denunciation and your own incompetence. Among other things, you made a personal revenge and you have a personal animosity toward me. I’ll briefly remind you the chronology of events. During my family life with Gökay Bezgin social services witnessed constant violence executed by my husband against me.They persuaded me to report to the police and assured me that Social Service would never leave me and the kids with no social support, in spite of my immigration status in Sweden (Eva Collet told me about that many times). At the end of November 2012 my husband was arrested for systematic violence against me. The Social Service provided me support, but on January 17, 2013 decided to throw me and my children out from the social apartment Russevik. The decision was taken by Sven Gustafsson. After that, on January 18, I wrote in his blog the following words: 18 januari 2013 11:36
I stället för att belåtet le ta dig besväret att förklara allmänheten hur du igår tog beslutet att kasta ut mig och två mina barn (varav ett är en nyfödd svensk medborgare) i gatan mitt i vintern! Vad är du för människa?
I also wrote about your inhumane actions in Facebook.
Sven Gustafsson from Haninge Kommun, member of Moderate Party
The Social Service told me I should seek help from the Migration Board - but according to the law they weren’t responsibility for me at that time, they refused to help me and my children. Among other things, I repeatedly asked the Social Service to help me and my children to get back to my apartment in Handen (which is still our common apartment. I am still married with Bezgin and I have legal rights to live there).Your colleagues and you didn’t help me, just threw us in the middle of the winter on the street. I found a temporary place for us, but informed the Duty Social Service that on Wednesday, February 7th I was going to move to a new comfortable apartment, which Swedish Church and Red Cross helped me to arrange. And I had an official contract for this apartment from February 8th. The Duty Social Service (Södertörns Socialjouren, Frida Bergen) in its official report noted that it didn’t have objections against me as a mother and that there were no grounds for keeping Adem away from me! However, on February 5, 2013 you, Gustafsson, alone took the decision to take away my son Adem.
On Friday, February 15 I talked with you on the phone and I asked why I couldn’t see my son. You mocked me and said that you didn't think I wanted to see my son! On Tuesday, February 19 your colleague Marie Samuelsson deliberately sabotaged my planned meeting with my son in Haninge Kommun. Again - only on the basis of false denunciation from my husband (I still have a copy of her messages, where she admitted that).For a long time none of your employees has given me any information about my the place where my son is, his health and the time when I can meet him.
All the time Gökay Bezgin sends me abusive text messages (saved in my phone and reported to the police, the case number 0201-K52093-13), slandering me, accusing me of prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism and pedophilia. He also said that I would never, under any circumstances, see his son. Your Social Service again is passive and does not help me to use my legal rights - the right to be with my little child and see him. You also violate the Adem’s right to communicate with his own mother and sister! This is despite the fact that I have an equal right with the child's father to take care of the son!
For everything (illegal seizure of my infant son, creating obstacles that impede the communication with him, my and my kid’s sufferings) you solely bear all responsibility! You personally made us homeless, denied any kind of social and other assistance, you did what a provocateur told you to do, a slanderer who spread dirty insinuations (which you were not able to confirm, and therefore withdrew his suit!) You took away my son. In my mind - just blatantly stole him and even now you continue to cover up those who illegally hide him from me in an unknown location.
I your decision taken on February 5 you, Gustafsson, wrote that one of the reasons of the decision was the fact that I don’t have a residence permit and my visa expires on February 28th. Where, which law says that my nationality and my status in any way affect my parental rights or my rights as mother can be restricted? All of this I consider to be a discrimination that is based on nationality!

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